Help Monster Clean win Best of the Beach…Only One More Day to VOTE

To my business networking buddies and friends.

My husband, Jim Stallings, and his company Monster Clean is attempting to win this years “Best of the Beach” award for his business.

He’s up against competition, so would like your assistance to help us ‘win’ this contest.

The Virginian Pilot requires participating companies to ‘advertise’ in the newspaper to qualify for the text voting and public relations from the campaign.

Unfortunately, we were short-changed and were NOT listed in the “Best Of” paper section included in this Sunday Paper – with all the other ‘contestants.’

(Yeah, we got to get that resolved – we paid big bucks for that advertisement and they didn’t put the MonsterClean advertisement in the right section!!!).

Since there was an ‘oversight on their end’ we are trying to make up for their ‘error.’ (We don’t want to fall behind in the votes versus the competition (whose ad was in the right section).)


The Virginian Pilot requires the company to have supporters vote either of two ways (or BOTH – please text the vote in AND vote online):

1) Via text message – Send a text message to the (short) phone number 21333 and in the body of the text message put the code letters in:  ECA

(It won’t matter if your area code is out of town – but you’ll only get to text vote once for MonsterClean.

2) Go online and if you don’t have a registered account already, you can sign up for a profile account on

Once you have your account in place, you can go back to , scroll down the list and vote for your favorites listed OR you can write in a vote for any company not on the list (but hopefully you’ll vote for MonsterClean for Carpet Cleaning)

AND – you can write in the name MonsterClean in all nine cities listed for carpet cleaning or service contractor!

Thanks so much for your help!

Dawn Boyer & Jim Stallings

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